The Campbell Family

Proprietors - Chris and Evelyn Campbell

Much like the old church, this winery has been a story of travel and transformation for both Chris and I.

In 2002, we uprooted our family from Vancouver, and settled in Okanagan Falls where we took ownership of both a well established vineyard, and a newly built but yet unproven winery.

To our pleasure, the transformation into becoming Blasted Church happened surprisingly fast, and was immediately welcomed by wine lovers.

It was hard work, but we knew that perseverance, a disciplined work ethic, and vision would keep us on the right track.

From day one, we had agreed to surround ourselves with talented staff, and give them the full support, trust, and resources required to perform their very best for the organization. I cannot emphasize enough about how this philosophy has helped us thrive within the industry. Furthermore, our team is one of the most dedicated, empowered, and customer-driven in the business. The very best team you could ever imagine having the privilege to work with.

                                                                                  - Evelyn Campbell




Whoa, Nelly! Wait until you see the edgy, eye-catching and probably controversial new labels from Blasted Church Vineyards.