New Vintages of Revered Series Have Arrived

October 12, 2017

For over fifteen years, Blasted Church has quietly produced a heavenly stash of Revered Wines for some of our most discerning and passionate collectors. A selection of very special wines that garnered many awards and accolades from a legion of devoted followers.

Three years ago, our newly appointed Assistant (and now full-fledged) Winemaker, Evan Saunders set us on a course to further outdo ourselves beyond our wildest beliefs. In the vineyards, small parcels of vines had been fastidiously identified as our very finest-of-the-finest. Throughout the growing seasons, these vines have been nurtured with utmost care and attention. During harvest, these divine grapes were prioritized for specialty small batch winemaking. In the cellar, we smartly invested in world class craft winemaking equipment, and Evan teamed up with the highly esteemed Pascal Madevon to help us unleash the fullest potential of our collective abilities.

All of this effort culminated in the creation of this year’s launch of our entirely new Revered Series wines and introduced labels inspired by contemporary tattoo art expressing our devotion to the heavens. A selection of exalting wines that exemplify the very best that we can achieve.

Take the time to explore this rare Revered Series offering, and perhaps try some of your favourite varietals. They’ll make a believer out of you.





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