On the umpteenth day Blasted Church created new wine labels

August 17, 2018


On the umpteenth day Blasted Church created new label designs

...and the angels did sing

Upon the umpteenth day of our 16th year, our winemaker, Evan Saunders, emerged from the cellar holding a pair of weighty vessels. Two wine bottles. 

Saunders declared this a revelation of things to come from Blasted Church. Ten (or so) commanding wines. All part of a major creative renaissance at Blasted Church Vineyards.

In good time, all Blasted Church wines will be glorified with Renaissance Era masterworks, imbedded in British Columbian settings. Deep within, the vessels will hold Evan's finest classic wine creations. Testaments to his passion for creating masterful wines from our righteous vineyard lands, with minimal, yet divine intervention. 

Be among the first led to temptation... 















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