Sacrosanct Saturday ~ Spring Festival Event ~ May 12

April 4, 2018

Join us at Blasted Church Vineyards between 10am and 5pm for a divine tasting of the exclusive Sacrosanct Cabernet Franc 2016 and the rest of the Small Blessing series. Learn the unique way these small lot wines were produced and bottled to allow the fruit to shine! Our winemaker, Evan Saunders, will be on hand to preach the amphora and handmade terracotta bottles, sharing his passion project with faithful followers from far and wide. Spontaneity is welcome - gather early for pizza, stay til the afternoon for live music. While here, leave your email in the Clay Egg for the chance to WIN an Amphora Sacrosanct, and share your event photos with #SacredWine for the chance to WIN a Small Blessings Gift Package. Flock members visit the Wine Shop for your complimentary revered t-shirt. 

This event is free. Click here to view the full event poster. 


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