Vintage Synopsis 2014

November 25, 2014

This years harvest was quite unique and kept everyone on their toes. It started with processing our first grapes Sept 11th, before any of our crush crew arrived! This was actually a blessing in disguise as it enabled our eager Crew Leaders, Greg and Evan, a chance to make sure equipment was running smoothly before things got hectic. This was Greg's second year as Crew Leader but Evan's first as he joined our team in June of this year.  The remainder of our harvest staff joined us Sept 15th. We had the benefit of girl power as Jacklyn, Ally, and Paula joined us from Niagara, Calgary, and South Australia respectively.  We were lucky to have one of our bottling staff, Wade, join us as well. The crew went through training for a couple of days before they saw grapes, then things were pretty steady as the whites rolled in and throughout the first week and a half of October.  Our first red harvested this year was Syrah from Osoyoos on the 7th of October, followed by a steady intake of red grapes until mid-October when we had to pause for a week as all our tanks were full!  Once we managed to press off some reds and barrel them down, we continued harvesting through October and ended with our own Cabernet Sauvignon on November 10th.  Grapes came in heavy throughout the entire Okanagan Valley this year and, like many other wineries, we were forced to be creative with tank space as we were over on our tonnage and under on our tanks!  We also saw a range in grape analysis from average brix with some high TAs and some low TAs, to high brix with high TAs. However, ferments progressed nicely to finish with no outrageous alcohols.  We processed 356 tonnes in total this year.  Now onto barrel work, clarifying and blending of the wines!

In summary, this vintage was a bit longer and quite unique, but the grapes came in at a very high quality due in large part to our new Vineyard Manager, Gordie Sidhu, and his knowledgeable and conscientious team. We also had great support from Chris who transported all our grapes, from Brooke and Evelyn who supported us in many ways, but especially with their non-stop supply of coffee., and Tanya sent her support long distance as she was away, trekking across Spain. Lastly and especially, we are very grateful for the knowledge and hard but careful work of all our Crew Leaders and vintage staff.  We cannot wait until you taste the fruits of our labour.

Wishing you a joyous winter!
Elaine Vickers, Winemaker
Mark Wendenburg, Winemaker


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