Retail Team

Wine fans always love coming to our wine shop for the friendliness of the place, and for the fun shopping experience. This is a direct result of the magnetic, fun-loving, and easy-going staff that fill the place with a really good vibe.

Wine shoppers are often enamored by our Wine Shop crew. Robbyn returns to us every year and is pure positive energy and tons of fun. We are lucky to have Rosemary returning again to us for the season. You won't find anyone else who tells the Blasted Church story better! We are pleased to welcome Haley to our team this year. She's very informative and shares her knowledge with a giggle.

Tim has taken over all wine deliveries out of our Distribution Warehouse in Vancouver. He never says no to late night, last minute deliveries and you can always see him driving around town in the Blasted Church van.

And when you do see your first bottle, you’ll probably gasp like everybody else does. This is a BC wine label? But it’s so … outrageous, colourful, cartoony, off-the-wall, and – this is the clincher – nothing at all like a BC wine label.
Jurgen Gothe, Wine Cognoscenti