Sales Team

For over 25 years, Brent Hayman managed some of the finest white tablecloth restaurants in Vancouver. By moonlight, he also doubled as the unofficial Ambassador for the emerging BC wine industry. A few years back, a Wine Sales Rep extraordinaire named Christine, dropped by his restaurant to sell him wine, and he decided to go for the full acquisition by marrying her just as well. (Now that’s salesmanship!). Christine and Brent recently welcomed Rian to their family. Brent recently jumped over the fence to the sales side of the business. A great win for Blasted Church, and for the new league of Sommeliers who have so much to learn from Ambassador Hayman.

Danielle's inspirations in life have been pursuing her passions; be it with food, wine, travel, playing in the outdoors, entertaining with her family and friends or the crowning glory of motherhood. Therefore, it was no surprise when the opportunity came along to make a leap of faith into the wine industry. Danielle hung up her aviation wings after eight years of piloting the skies of coastal BC and embraced her burgeoning passion for wine and viticulture. The next ten years will see Danielle immersed in the wildly competitve import market garnering experience in all aspects of the industry and forging strong relationships and partnerships. Little did she know this was all to prepare her for the divine call to service at Blasted Church Vineyards! Danielle is excited to be a part of the creative and progressive team at Blasted Church Vineyards and is ready to be the new Evangelista to spread the word.

And when you do see your first bottle, you'll probably gasp like everybody else does. This is a BC wine label? But it's so outrageous, colourful, cartoony, off-the-wall, and this is the clincher, nothing at all like a BC wine label.
Jurgen Gothe, Wine Cognoscenti