Tanya Martin

Tanya Martin (aka: red head), is our official Manager of all things Blasted Church.

Trained at the prestigious School of “if you can raise two wonderful children, you can handle just about anything in life”, Tanya is an absolutely indispensable member of the Blasted Church team.

In the summer months, Tanya arrives early to the winery in her collector Spitfire (a red one, of course), and wakes up the entire place with her cheerfulness and boundless energy. Often, we wish that her Spitfire was less reliable to get her here so early every morning. It is a Triumph after all! We could use a little more quality grogginess time in the AM.

We love her, regardless of her hyper-contagious and prematurely-early enthusiasm.

Inventive, quirky, and a creative force in the Canadian wine industry: this is Blasted Church Vineyards [...] one of Canada's most celebrated wineries.