Showcasing Okanagan style


Showcasing the Skaha Bench

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

-Oscar Wilde-

Our Process

At Blasted Church we create highly expressive, terroir-driven wines. Our goal is to showcase the best of what our vineyards, and the Okanagan, has to offer.

It begins with seeking, and finding, what is within our fruit and then coaxing it out gently and with care.  This is what we craft into every bottle – the spirit and life of our place, purpose and people. That is, expressing our terroir through the high-quality of our wine. 

Keep it Fresh

We are after the highest quality and terroir-driven wines we can create. This means hard work, a dedication to craft, a bit of genius – and a bit of fun. 

We are not afraid to push boundaries and upset apple carts in our quest for interesting wine that expresses who we are.