Amen Port-de-Merlot NV

Released: September 2017

Bouquet: Plum, Black Forest cake, caramelized brown sugar, and maple syrup.
Palate: Brown sugar, maple syrup candy, and dark fruit.
Food Pairings: Chocolate desserts, salty or blue cheeses.


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The Merlot fruit was brought to the winery where it was destemmed into tank. The first winemaking phase is the same as our Storytelling Series Merlot –a few days of cold soaking on the skins, thenfermentation begins. In the second phase, afterhalf of the sugar has been consumed by theyeast, the still-fermenting wine is transferredinto old French oak barrels where it is fortifiedusing a pure grape spirit. The addition of thegrape spirit effectively halts the fermentation,leaving the wine with a balance of unfermentedsugars and alcohol, giving the Port-style wineits characteristic profile. The oldest portion ofthis wine, which makes up the majority of theblend, was aged in barrel for close to five yearsbefore being racked in preparation for bottling.

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Tasting notes:
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