Big Bang Theory 2016

Released: September 2017

Bouquet: Blueberry, cedar, dried cranberry, red currant, cherry.
Palate: Red cranberry, strawberry, cherry.
Food Pairings: Pizza and anything barbecued!

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Harvest Notes

Our 2016 Big Bang Theory is made up of 4 different varietals - Merlot, Malbec, Lemburger and Pinot Noir. Each variety lends a unique characteristic and nuance to the wine. Harvest dates ranged from September 26th to November 10th.


Each of the varieties are hand harvested and vilified separately. The wines were fermented in stainless steel tanks before going through Malolactic fermentation. The wines were then blended and aged in oak for 6 months.

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Tasting notes:
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Vintage Award Competition
2016 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2017
2015 Silver BC Best of Varietal 2017
2015 Silver BC Wine Awards 2016
2015 Bronze Intervin International Wine Awards 2016
2014 Bronze National Wine Awards of Canada 2015
2014 Bronze Northwest Wine Summit 2015
2014 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2015
2012 Silver BC Wine Awards 2013
2011 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2012
2008 Double Gold All Canadian Wine Championships 2010
2008 Silver OWFS Fall 2009
2007 Silver OWFS Fall 2008
2006 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2007
2005 Silver OWFS Fall 2006
2004 Bronze OWFS Fall 2005