Hatfield's Fuse 2016

Released: July 2017

Bouquet: Melon, mango, pineapple, and tangerine with a hint of citrus.
Palate: Tropical fruit salad along with apple and pear. Mouth filling fruit ripeness carries through to the lovely, long, slightly sweet finish.
Food Pairings: Halibut or cod drizzled with herb butter or battered, fried and salted. Also try with butter chicken, mild curries, pad thai or drunken crab.

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Harvest Notes

Once again, the 2016 Hatfield’s Fuse is a cornucopia of flavours made with twelve different grape varieties. Aromas and bouquets of the Okanagans’ grapes and fruits are expressed along with an amazing taste and flavour spectrum. All the parcels of grapes were harvested at separate times ranging from the 20th of Sept to the 19th of Oct with an average Brix of 22.


Each parcel of fruit was vinted separately. Various strains of yeast were incorporated to achieve maximum flavor layering in the wine. All wines were fermented cool to retain flavor intensity. They were also clarified and stabilized separately in stainless steel tanks and kept cold until blending just before bottling.

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Tasting notes:
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Vintage Award Competition
2015 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2016
2014 Silver BC Wine Awards 2015
2014 Bronze Intervin International Wine Awards 2016
2012 Winner Intervin International Wine Awards 2013
2012 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2014
2012 Bronze National Wine Awards of Canada 2013
2011 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2012
2010 Bronze National Wine Awards of Canada 2011
2010 Finalist BC Best of Varietal 2011
2009 Silver Canadian Wine Awards 2010
2009 Bronze All Canadian Wine Championships 2010
2009 Bronze OWFS Fall 2010
2009 Finalist OWFS Spring 2010
2008 Silver OWFS Fall 2009
2008 Bronze All Canadian Wine Championships 2009
2007 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2008
2007 Bronze OWFS Fall 2008
2007 Finalist OWFS Spring 2008
2006 Bronze OWFS Fall 2007
2005 Best White Wine Under $15 International Value Wine Awards 2006
2005 Best White Blend International Value Wine Awards 2006
2004 Best of Category All Canadian Wine Championships 2005
2004 Bronze OWFS Fall 2005
2003 Bronze OWFS Fall 2004
2002 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2003
2001 Bronze OWFS Fall 2002