Pinot Gris 2015

Released: June 2016

Bouquet: Floral, honey, pineapple and citrus.
Palate: Ripe grapefruit and pineapple.
Food Pairings: Barbecued salmon, scallops in brown butter, crab cakes, garlic prawns.

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Harvest Notes

The 2015 Pinot Gris is a great expression of Okanagan Valley Pinot Gris. We have three different vineyards that grow Pinot Gris: Blasted Church, Matheson Creek, and Mountain View. Each provides different aspects, soils, fruit flavor, ripeness and were harvested at different times.


The grapes from each vineyard were fermented separately and only blended prior to bottling. Each tank was carefully monitored to ensure cool fermentation temperatures were maintained. A wide range of enzymes and yeast strains were incorporated to achieve maximum aromatics in the wine. This year, the BCV and Matheson Creek parcels of Pinot Gris fruit were left on skins for 4 hours. This process added flavour, structure and a small amount of colour to the finished wine. We added some Chardonnay to increase the acidity and both the Viognier and Gewurztraminer help to lift the aromas.

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Tasting notes:
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Vintage Award Competition
2016 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2017
2015 Silver BC Best of Varietal 2017
2015 Silver National Wine Awards of Canada 2016
2015 Silver Intervin International Wine Awards 2016
2014 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2015
2013 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2014
2012 Winner Intervin International Wine Awards 2013
2012 Silver National Wine Awards of Canada 2013
2011 Silver All Canadian Wine Championships 2012
2011 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2012
2010 Gold BC Wine Awards 2011
2010 Silver All Canadian Wine Championships 2011
2009 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2010
2009 Bronze OWFS Fall 2010
2008 Bronze OWFS Fall 2009
2007 Judge's Choice International Value Wine Awards 2008
2007 Bronze OWFS Fall 2008
2005 Silver OWFS Fall 2006
2005 Highly Recommended OWFS Spring 2006
2005 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2006
2004 Gold All Canadian Wine Championships 2005
2004 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2005
2004 Bronze OWFS Fall 2005
2003 Silver All Canadian Wine Championships 2004
2003 Silver OWFS Fall 2004
2003 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2004
2002 Bronze OWFS Spring 2003
2002 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2003
2002 Bronze LA County Fair 2003