Small Blessings Petit Verdot 2014

Released: February 2018

Bouquet: Rose petals, cured meats, blueberry and blackberry.

Palate: Blueberry and blackberry aromas translate onto the palate supported by a well integrated oak profile. 

Food Pairing: Shows best alongside roasted beef or wild game. Any mushroom dishes would also pair perfectly.

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Harvest Notes

Looking back on the 2014 growing season, we can now fully appreciate how perfect of a season it really was. Everything about 2014 was steady, balanced and even. In a region prone to dramatic spikes in temperature, 2014 had none of it, allowing the vines to grow steadily and the fruit to develop gradually. Cooler temperatures through September and October allowed us to hang the Petit Verdot well into the fall, November 2nd to be exact, allowing for the development of fruit with a perfect balance between flavour, sugar, tannin, and acidity. It is a rare growing season when all four of those qualities come together so beautifully.  


The 2014 vintage gave us amazing fruit with which to craft the Small Blessings Petit Verdot. In the cellar, we could see early on that this was going to be a special wine, so we held back 23 cases for an additional year of aging to allow the wine to show at its absolute best.

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Tasting notes:
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