Unorthodox Chardonnay 2016

Released: May 2017

Bouquet: Floral with hints of lemon.
Palate: Crisp and slightly floral. It finishes fantastically with long, lingering flavours.
Food Pairings: Grilled Chicken.

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Harvest Notes

This year’s Unorthodox Chardonnay is produced from estate grown Chardonnay Musque grapes.


The Chardonnay Musque was harvested in three different pickings. Each picking saw various amounts of skin contact in the press. The juice was then settled, racked and inoculated in a stainless steel tank. The tank fermented below 15°C for 20 days. The wine then aged for 6 months before being filtered and bottled.

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Tasting notes:
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Vintage Award Competition
2016 Silver All Canadian Wine Championships 2017
2014 Best of Varietal BC Best of Varietal 2015
2014 Silver National Wine Awards of Canada 2015
2014 Bronze All Canadian Wine Championships 2015
2014 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2015
2013 Honours Intervin International Wine Awards 2014
2013 Gold All Canadian Wine Championships 2014
2013 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2014
2012 Winner Intervin International Wine Awards 2013
2012 Bronze National Wine Awards of Canada 2013
2011 Silver Canadian Wine Awards 2012
2011 Bronze BC Wine Awards 2012
2010 Double Gold / Best of Category All Canadian Wine Championships 2011
2009 Gold All Canadian Wine Championships 2010
2009 Gold OWFS Fall 2010
2009 Best of Category OWFS Spring 2010
2009 Silver Canadian Wine Awards 2010
2008 Silver OWFS Fall 2009
2007 Silver OWFS Fall 2008
2007 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2008
2007 Finalist OWFS Spring 2008
2005 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2006
2004 Gold All Canadian Wine Championships 2005
2003 Best of Category All Canadian Wine Championships 2004
2003 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2004
2001 Bronze Canadian Wine Awards 2002