Blasted Church

In 2002 God herself took over a well established, 
yet unproven vineyard in Okanagan Falls, BC.

Our story focuses on local folklore, the blasting of a local church with dynamite in order to move it from A to B. Lately, there’s been a bit of a renaissance where the gods have emerged from the church paintings and are touring the modern West Coast.

We have lost control, these old souls do as they will.


Evelyn Campbell – My story is ordinary, really. I wasn’t a captain of industry, nor did I come from wealth when I first dove into the wine business seventeen years ago.

Before wine life, my urban career spanned diverse and interesting fields including Heli-Skiing, Accounting, Hotels and Software. Through those experiences I gained a different kind of wealth – a richness of relationships.

I’ve had good fortune of finding highly talented, visionary and highly motivated individuals. I grant them full trust, and support them with the resources required to perform their very best for our winery endeavour. A philosophy that has helped Blasted Church thrive.

I’m so proud and fond of my entire team. They are my story. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Evan Saunders – The perfect blend of Prairie charm and enological wit, Evan joined the congregation in 2014 as a cellar hand, rose to Assistant Winemaker, and was promoted to Winemaker at Blasted Church in 2017.

After completing a degree in microbiology from the University of Victoria, Evan moved to Ontario to study Grape and Wine Technology at Brock University. Applying his scientific background with wine was a perfect pairing. Returning to BC, Evan spent over three years learning the art of Bordeaux style reds at Osoyoos Larose, Oliver, BC, and traveled to Sonoma for a Pinot Noir harvest at Kosta Browne in Sebastopol, CA. Evan brings a wealth of red wine making experience to our winemaking team.

Since joining our team four years ago, Evan has been a driving force in the pursuit of stellar quality in our wine program. His contagious enthusiasm in the cellar, along with his finely balanced artistic and scientific approach to winemaking have made Evan the natural choice to spearhead our wine operations into the future. 

Vineyard Manager

John Bayley – John Bayley is a lover of all things wine and vine. He started his career with one of Vancouver’s specialty wine retailers where he developed his palate and passion for wine while also obtaining his Sommelier Diploma. He has travelled the world working with various wineries and vineyards in places such as Oregon, Burgundy, New Zealand – where he studied Oenology and Viticulture at Lincoln University, and of course British Columbia. He is now committed to working with the soils of the Okanagan and to helping grow grapes that are a true expression of the land.